Meet our Characters

Here is our cast of Characters, their relevant stats, and a bit about their background!


Justyn: Fearless DM

Justyn is a content creator based in Portland. Front man for many musical acts including Tonya, and the Hardings as well as cohost of The News and Brews and My Beer, Your Mouth Justyn will be leading us through the first season of our little adventure

David as Kane the Blind Monk

David will be playing Kane, a monk who was orphaned on the streets as a blind child. Taken in by a kind monk, Kane learned how to use blindsight to see without eyes and learn the ways of the Monk. He now uses his trainings to help those in need as an adenturerer and a bounty hunter.

Josh as Xavier, the Changeling Warlock

Josh has chosen to play Xavier, a Changeling Warlock who was given powers after recieving a mysterious heirloom from his now deceased uncle. Xavier is now on a mission to find his missing father. He must also fulfill his end of the bargain with his patron, the archdevil, Glaysa.

Chris as Esme, the noble fighter

Chris is playing the Dame Esme Velk. The last member of the once proud family Velk Family and the last member of the order of the knights of Sigil, Esme is on a mission to find relics related to the order’s past and to rebuild the Sigil Knights, fulfilling her family’s final wishes.

Larry as Perseus, the forgetful Monk

Perseus wandered into Erinport some time ago, with short term memory loss and a desire for cold drink. Through some mysterious sorcery the short term memory loss was cured, but the long term memories are still gone. Perseus seeks to understand his past as well as where his training as a monk came from.