Throwback Thursdays- Xavier and Perseus


This week our episodes is a little different. A little lighter on the role-play, dice rolling aspect of the game and a deeper dive into the backstories of the characters. Our 2 back stories we are diving into are those of Xavier Davros, under the guise of his painter persona David X and Perseus Lippus, the forgetful Tortle Monk.

Xavier creates a work of art for a local lord, upsets a butler, and makes an uncomfortable alliance with a being he knows nothing about. After a quick flight from the Mayor’s manor, Xavier finds himself on his way to Arinport.

Perseus awakens in a forest, able to remember something for the first time in…well he isn’t sure how long. After taking a quick swig of a sacred brew, he seems to have upset the locals. A fight ensues and before he knows it, Perseus is taking up Base Jumping. Floating down the river, he arrives in Arinport, to begin his journey.

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