Throwback Thursday- Kayne and Esme

This week our episode is a little different. A little lighter on the role-play, dice rolling aspect of the game and a deeper dive into the backstories of the characters. This week we dive into the backstories of 2 characters: Our Human Monk, Kayne and our Human Fighter, Esme.

Kayne must first survive his master’s final lesson before learning the true nature of what it means to serve a higher purpose and the true nature of his master. Things take a dark turn upon the visit to a local town’s temple district. Charged with a holy quest, and seeking bounties along the way, Kayne sets out on his own able to see not only the world around him, but where he is going: Arinport

Esme grieves many losses during this flashback, the loss of her childhood, the loss of family, the loss of her home, and the loss of love. But the resolve and strength of will she finds will define her journey for years to come. As she steps out of her home for the last time, she has a mantra that she repeats to herself. Setting sail for Airport, she wraps this mantra around herself like a mantle.

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