Setting up the world, Introducing the Characters

Hello and welcome to this very special first episode of “Are We Dead Yet?” This Actual Play DnD podcast will take you into strange new worlds where you will encounter four loveable heroes as they fight terrible monsters, solve intriguing mysteries, and continue to ask the question Are We Dead Yet?

In this introductory episode, Justyn as Dungeon Master, sets up the basics of the world that our heroes find themselves in. Each of our heroes introduces their characters and what they are doing as they find themselves in the town of Arinport.

Josh Fisher plays the role of Xavier Davros, a changeling warlock who was once a member of the proud Swiftmantle thieves’ guild. But circumstances led Xavier to leave the thieves guild, taking on the persona of a simple painter who has now made a name for themselves. But after receiving a strange message from Uncle Talador, the leader of the Swiftmantle Guild, and learning of Xavier’s Father’s disappearance, Xavier struck a pact with an arch devil and became a warlock. Now out to discover his father’s fate, Xavier must manage the heavy burden of fulfilling his patron’s wishes whilst also pursuing his own goals.

Christopher Farwell plays the role of Dame Esme Velk. Born into the once proud house Velk, Esme is the youngest of four children. After the rest of her family dies through various injuries, diseases, and accidents it is up to Esme alone to rebuild the Free Knights of Sigil, the once proud order of knights that her family led. She has sold all of her worldly possessions save for the family heirloom armor in order to undertake a life changing journey that may lead to the free knights rising once more.

David Taylor plays the role of Kane, a human monk who was born with blindness. Facing a life of poverty, begging, and cruelty Kane did what was necessary to survive on the streets until one day a monk saw potential in this young man and brought him to his monastery where Kane was trained in the martial traditions of the monk’s order. In addition to these trainings, Kane was also taught the rare gift of blindsight, the ability to see without eyes. Now Kane travels the land as a mercenary and bounty hunter, visiting his wrath upon those evildoers who would seek to harm those too vulnerable to defend themselves. Not seeking personal enrichment, nor glory, Kane seeks to simply do the right thing because its the right thing to do.

Larry Torres plays the Turtle Monk by the name of Perseus Lippus. Perseus wandered into Arinport one day suffering from a severe case of amnesia. It was so bad that Perseus could sometimes only remember his name, and some days couldn’t even remember how he had come to be in his present location. One morning Perseus awoke, seemingly cured of at least the short term memory loss. He remembered his journey to Arinport, the drinking, the gambling, and could piece together that he must be trained in some sort of martial art. But a huge gap in Perseus’ past still existed. It hung there in as if in front of him but just out of reach, no matter how hard he tried to reach for it. Will Perseus uncover the truth of his origins? Will Perseus ever get to thank the mysterious person who healed part of his memory? We shall see

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