Xavier's Midnight Mission

Here at Are We Dead Yet? we want to bring you as much content as possible. So every week in February we will be releasing solo missions for each character that go to explain how the characters reach level 3, rather than simply saying it and going over a bunch of stat increases, we thought we would add some story and flair to the whole endeavor.

This week’s solo mission features Xavier. Awoken in the middle of the night by his Doll, Glasya, Xavier dons his equipment and undertakes a daring mission to retrieve a mysterious book and to unlock some more of his patron’s power as they break into “Libris Arcana”. Along the way, Xavier makes some questionable choices that could land him, and his party, in a lot of hot water.

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Thanks to Salty Dawg Co. for our theme music and to @LuvAshleyNicole for the creation of our cover art.

Joshua FisherComment