Our two main hosts are Josh and Wook. They care a lot about politics here in the United States as well as the status of science, technology and society as a whole. They are unique people and sometimes they can be funny. Josh knows policy and has been studying politics, government, and society as a whole since 2010. Wook knows pop culture, music, and beer. Wook and Josh have partnered up on other, less successful collaborations in the past, and look forward to sharing with you their love for beer, and their thoughts on the state of the world and current events. Cheers!



Joshua is a Political Scientist and MPA candidate. He currently works in the transportation regulation industry and has cared about current events, politics, and the news for the past seven years. He is the main host of the show and hopes that he can share what he feels about the goings on in the world. Joshua considers himself politically liberal and a progressive. Joshua is an Atheist and rejects religion completely. Joshua's views and opinions have grown as he has been presented with more and more evidence. Show him evidence, he will take that into account and change his views according to the evidence presented. He is not wedded to any particular worldview or political party, he is wedded to facts and logic. That isn't to say he can't get worked up from time to time and get passionate, but those moments are few and far between. 





Justyn Wook is a Musician from the Northwest. He has been apart of several Portland local bands such as The Trees Wear Plaid, Tonya And The Hardings and You Probably Wouldn't Get It. Despite his Progressive stance and artistic affinity, he comes from a strict Conservative and religious background. He considers himself a Left-leaning Moderate... And an Asshole.

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